June 26, 2011

Home Project Tutorials - Mind Blowing Ingenuity or Waste of a Freaking Dollar?

Here's an example.  The bright and ever-so-brave diy blogger at Vintage Revivals (right here at our kindred's brethren blogspot) bought two rugs and cut them up to make one, and I quote the good choice for an adjective here, freaktastic rug. Balls. No, bravery.  It looks great. Being a diy blogger, myself, I thought, "but does it fray, and how well does it receive the vaccuum?" Negative? No. Skeptical? I have to be. So do you, if you're going to invest the money into two rugs to cut up.  You don't want to be left with just pieces of rug and no money for another; but, that's what the comment sections are for, you can ask. It turned out great. I also secretly thought, since I read this diy craft was undertaken because the rug desired was out of the budget, I'll bet she cried. Just once. Maybe. Ha, ha. Looks super freaktastic, alright. My son is in the market for a rug. I think I'll ask him if he wants to do this. I bet he'll say no. My guess is, Vintage Revivals blogger is a woman. We never quite get over the fact that Cinderella had a dress that night. Maybe the best one in the whole ball, from scraps! I tell you, scraps! I don't want to send you away from my blog - my business mentor would shake his finger at me now (another thing he says his women clients do, but we're always quite amazed about 'what she did'); so, here I go, if you want to read or try this 2-in-1 rug tutorial, here it is. Please don't forget to send me a photo, crying or not, if it works out, or even if it doesn't. I'll post it. Love to!